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Lyft is delivering food to kids and seniors in need

It's hoped the move will be especially helpful for kids in low-income areas

1y ago

In times like these it’s good to see businesses stepping up and doing the right thing. Lyft is the latest company to go the extra mile (pun wholeheartedly intended). The ridesharing app will be delivering meals to kids and seniors in need.

In a blog post, the company wrote: “Students who receive free or subsidized lunch at school and home-bound seniors have been heavily affected by shelter-in-place advisories. To meet crucial food access gaps, Lyft is working in partnership with government agencies and local non-profits. Starting with a pilot in the Bay Area, drivers will be able to pick up meals from distribution centers and deliver them without contact to individuals in need. We are working to quickly scale this program throughout California and across the country.”

This is one of a number of new steps the company announced over the weekend in order to help tackle problems caused by the covid-19 crisis. Lyft will also support the delivery of medical goods, and help patients get to non-emergency medical appointments.

Lyft wrote: “We know Lyft can be a critical lifeline for communities in need — this situation is no different. Right now, Lyft drivers are playing a vital role connecting people with essential services and goods — getting riders to grocery stores and pharmacies, doctors and nurses to work, and caretakers to family members in need. We’re immensely grateful to the driver community, and below are some of our initial efforts we’re taking to support them during this time.”

“Additionally, many vulnerable populations still don’t have as much access to these essential services as they should. So we’re taking immediate action to fill the gaps, while continuously working to protect driver safety.”

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