Lynx Africa Marmite deodorant is the final nail in 2020's coffin

Inspiring a new generation of yeast affection

46w ago

When you think of Lynx/Axe deodorant, you probably think of one of two things. Either the heady musk of a school disco full of 13-year-olds standing on opposite sides of the dancefloor, or the smell of a 5am budget airline flight to one of Europe's worst stag-do destinations.

Either way, it's fair to say that the brand's always aimed itself at the manliest of normal men who are more likely to pull a muscle than a member of any sex.

All of which means it's slightly surprising that the latest Lynx scent contains… eau de Marmite. Yup, Britain's most divisive yeast-based sandwich spread has been woven together with the smell of Lynx Africa. You can now buy actual Marmite deodorant.

It's probably to help celebrate Lynx Africa's 25th birthday, and worryingly it's being sold using the tagline 'For all the lovers'. Are people really getting freaky after slathering themselves in an aerosol form of your nan's suppertime treat?

Initial reviews are as positive as you'd probably imagine.

News of the smell/spread tie-in have been circulating in rumour form for a few months, but a slew of Twitter photos seems to show the product on sale in UK supermarkets. There's a matching shower gel too, so if you really, really want to smell like breakfast all day long, you can.

We've been out to our local Sainsbury's and Superdrug and couldn't find any to test, but some eBay sellers are already asking for £15 per can of the Marmitey spray. Could you put it on toast? We have so many questions.

Main image from All_Things_New_ on Twitter.

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Comments (28)

  • Christ alive I just threw up in my face mask

      10 months ago
    • Please try to find some and review it for us…

        10 months ago
    • Funnily enough, I’m going to Asda today so I’ll have a look and probably vomit again

        10 months ago
  • Ultimate teenage virginity shield. Very Christian of them.

      10 months ago

    No one said you have to use it on yourself. I'll take 2.

      10 months ago
    • Is that the official John Coleman threat of the month?

        10 months ago
    • Don’t say anything else or he’ll continue his “That’s Pants” spree. He’s dormant right now

        10 months ago
  • What has the lynx ever do to the humans that its name is sticked to a such terror? Mind, male cat fragrance is not something I would like to smell on my man, and Marmite is a cherry on the top.

      10 months ago
  • Some crazy person out there is now rich because of marmite deodorant. Think about that.

    I want to move to the Congo and spend the rest of my days mining for diamonds and tungsten.

      10 months ago