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Making a cup of coffee: the Italian way

Discover the secret to making Italian coffee at home

8w ago

If you live in Italy, there's a 95% chance that a Moka pot is on your kitchen stove.

But if you live somewhere else, you may have no idea that you can brew a cup of espresso coffee with a simple coffee maker.

Making a good cup of coffee: how hard it can be?

1. First, you have to choose a quality blend of coffee. This should be kept in a tightly-closed container because the coffee can absorb odours, which would alter the aroma.

2. The water is also important. Never use hot water to speed up the preparation.

3. Fill the boiler up to the level of the safety valve, without exceeding it.

4. Fill the filter, without pressing the coffee powder.

5. Close the coffee maker, and place it on a low heat. It's important not to heat it up too quickly.

6. Before the coffee is completely boiling, remove the pot from the heat. Never leave boiling coffee on the heat: this would burn, risking the quality.

7. Enjoy your coffee!

Here are some tips!

If you are not used to a strong taste, it is better to choose a sweet mixture. Personally, I recommend Lavazza Crema e Gusto Dolce (pink and blue package).

Learn to drink coffee without milk or sugar. If the coffee is good, you don't need either.

When using your Moka pot, the inner walls of the boiler, the jug and the filter will pick up a thin layer of coffee residue. This cover protects the coffee from contact with the aluminium, which might otherwise give it a metallic taste.

For this, it's always recommended to wash the coffee pot with water only. Never use detergents, or worse, the dishwasher.

A new Moka pot should be used once or twice just with water before making your first coffee in it. Or better yet, use some used coffee or fresh coffee powder, but don't drink it afterwards. This care helps to create the layer of protective residue.

We're done. Now enjoy your Italian-style espresso!

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Comments (8)

  • If I had this I'd make it that way. I used to work at Starbucks and we'd either use that or a French press to make our coffee for tasting.

      1 year ago
    • I have never tasted Starbucks coffee (we don't have them in my country), but it looks more like a meal then a drink, if you go by how it's presented on TV shows :-)

        1 year ago
  • This moka pots make STRONG cup of coffee.

      1 year ago