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Making chicken noodle soup for the kids

The effort versus the ever-fleeting reward.

1y ago

There's no accounting for taste. When I decided on a life-change earlier in the year, part of my own personal goal for self-development was to have a decent shot at learning how to cook better. Onward I travelled through books and (mostly) YouTube videos, picking up different ideas, seeing what techniques aligned, and then trying to create something edible for my two children.

There was something really enjoyable about making chicken noodle soup from scratch. I remember asking the two kids whether they would enjoy some chicken soup on a cold, wintry evening while Mum was at work - to which the reply was an enthused "Yes!".

Roasting the chook, tearing the white meat apart, then boiling down the remains for stock proved to be strangely satisfying, watching the plain water take on the properties of the other foods and thyme that was chucked into the pot. The aromas that filled the house were odorous clouds of meat and vegetables that welcomed the boys home with a smelly hug.

"What's that?" asked my eldest, a rather boisterous 5-year old who throws himself at the world with the gusto of a tornado, and usually with similar aftermath.

"Chicken soup." I explain, drawing an expression from his face that twisted in what I assume was confusion. Still, he accepted the explanation and busied himself with his after-school tasks that usually involve discarding his uniform to a random location in the house, and going to the cupboard for something to gnaw on.

Everything is cooked, and ultimately served into a bowl with a side of toast, per the photo above.

He sits at the table and frowns, "I thought we were having chicken soup." he states.

"This is chicken soup." I explain, bewildered that he couldn't see the strands of actual chicken in the bowl on the table.

"It's not chicken soup." he asserts, dismounting from his chair like a storm system making landfall and he wanders to the cupboard in the kitchen. He fetches an object from within the shelves and brings it back to me.

To which I now present, in the background of the following photo, the remains of the decimated animal and vegetables used for stock, the pot of actual soup, and in the foreground the soup that was actually enthusiastically wanted.

There's no accounting for taste.

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Comments (14)

  • It's more than anyone could ask for, soup at home .

    thankyou for posting.

      1 year ago
    • Well, the kids preferred the msg loaded cup. But oh well :)

        1 year ago
    • Somewhere I have a book on neurology theory, American, maybe 1980s or 90s. There was a short chapter where the author postulates that small doses of MSG might actually be beneficial to the brain.

        1 year ago
  • Yep! On a different food mine prefer the hotdogs with cheap parts from unknown origins. Everytime I try to buy a good all beef type there is a calamity that can be heard at least two houses away.

      1 year ago
    • “Why are you making hot chips dad?? Just buy them”


        1 year ago