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Making hay while the sun shines: Iceland sales up due to Coronavirus

Everyone is buying frozen goods to weather the storm of Covid-19...

1y ago

Panic buying has led to emptied shelves, product restrictions and unbearable supermarket queues. However, amid the chaos, Iceland has seen sales soar.

Sales of frozen food as well as store cupboard staples such as dried pasta and tinned tomatoes had taken off since last week, and it's easy to see why. “Frozen food is the perfect way to stockpile,” said founder Malcolm Walker.

It keeps pretty much forever, meaning self-isolating individuals needn't live off tinned beans. Best of all, unlike many supermarkets, Iceland can provide the required volume. As Walker simply put it, “We have no shortage of stock.”

Also, why wouldn't you buy frozen mashed potato, given the chance...

Not just frozen foods on the up...

Interestingly, it's not only frozen food that's seeing increased sales. The virus has sent many Brits out for brand new freezers too. The Guardian reports online appliance retailer AO.com saw freezer sales jump more than 200% last week. John Lewis said it was also seeing three times the usual level of freezer sales for the time of year. This is of course a result of worried shoppers seeking to increase their ability to store food.

Hopefully, the supply chain for frozen food is robust enough to keep up with consumer demands. Richard Harrow, chief executive of the British Frozen Food Federation, is optimistic.

“The industry is well placed to respond to a peak of demand,” said Harrow, who added it was “too early” to say if there would be shortages.

He went on to state, “There is going to be some pressure on the supply chain, but most companies will be able to respond to that.”

“The unknown is if the Coronavirus starts to take hold and factories lose workers – but nobody knows that.”

Have you been buying more frozen food or stockpiling due to Coronavirus?

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