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Making 'vegetarian megaloaf'

Another interesting recipe to try this Saturday from Jeannine L

Another nice recipe from Jeannine L this time decided to prepare vegetarian "megaloaf"

As long as I'm not a huge meat eater. I love to try and experiment with recipes of any kind. Again! Jeannine L has arrived at proper moment to help me with next great idea for weekend family dinner. I modified recipe a little bit as usually I do to fit ingredients that everyone was happy. I omitted walnuts coz' not everyone at my household enjoy them and I didn't add cheese coz' I hadn't have any ( so, please forgive me πŸ˜…).

I added fried champignions, onion, not so old-fashioned oatmeal, small amount of breadcrumbs (30-50g), a lot of seasonings like marjoram, lots of garlic, chilli, sweet pepper powder, curry and pepper/ salt to taste. Also added some chives, eggs like in recipe and white rice which I only had. Anyway, despite some modifcations it turned out really good, soft and it got nice gold colour.

Served it as usually with potato purΓ©e together with peas and carrot. Incredible!

Vegetarian megaloaf

Of course I'm going to add it to my recipe book , but I will modify it a little bit next time too because it's great fun 😁?? Thank you one more time Jeannine L for your recipe and nice story!

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