Man converts stairs into epic wine rack

In less than a week, Murray Berrill made a 156-bottle stair storage unit

1y ago

Murray Berrill, an Australian builder, has built some seriously suave drawers that fit inside his stairs. The photos caused a stir online when Murray posted them Facebook.

Alongside the pictures, he said, "Ok, here's one for the wine lovers.and now everyone wants their own stair storage.

“What to do with dead space under the stairs? Create an easy access wine cellar. Proud of this one."

This is a seriously slick solution. The decision to make two columns of shelves rather than one wider one is genius; it means you can access the drawers from the step next to them.

In an interview with MailOnline Murray said: "I hate dead space when renovating a house, as you're essentially paying for nothing. So we thought of putting the wine in drawers in the staircase rather than behind it."

Of course, that amount of wine is rather heavy. But Murray made sure the drawers could take the weight: "The drawers are a wide width and are very strong – we spent around $500 (£250) at Bunnings just on the heavy duty drawer slides alone.

"We had to work out how all the bottles were going to fit and make sure the entire design was strong enough."

Thousands of people commented, in awe of the craftsmanship displayed.

One commented, “Impressive work you are obviously a very skilled tradesman. More than one headache in there.”

"That's amazing, beautiful craftsmanship Murray," said another.

One joked, “Only complaint is that there [aren't] enough stairs.”

A disappointing amount of wine in here, given the capacity.

A disappointing amount of wine in here, given the capacity.

Amongst the praise were a few voices of concern: a wine cellar needs to be kept at 13 degrees C, and without going subterranean that's a tricky temp to maintain in Australia.

However, Berrill says his drawers are well insulated and equipped with thermometers so he can monitor the temperature. The family are considering adding a cooling unit to keep the wine chilled, especially in the summer months.

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Comments (5)

  • That is excellent. It would add extra suspicion to stairs creaking in the middle of the night, however.

      1 year ago
  • I have to hide the wine I’m cellaring for several years under the staircase at my parents home, 50 miles away from me, so I’m not tempted to drink it.😅 Maybe I can do this for them. Lol

      1 year ago
  • Brilliant!

      1 year ago
  • I would get that

      1 year ago
  • That’s is truly epic...

      1 year ago