Man tries to cook steak in toaster, sets house on fire

It was never going to end well, was it?

15w ago

Once again, TikTok is supplying us with the goods. After a TikTok 'hack' went viral a while ago, claiming that cooking steak in a toaster was the 'perfect' way to do it, a man has tried it, and surprise surprise, it didn't go so well.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he decided to leave the toaster unattended while he popped out to his local fish and chip shop for chips to go with his steaks. To his surprise, he returned home to ashes because the house had burned down.

He then went to his insurance company where he reportedly received $418,000 (£211,709) for the damage, which was the maximum available to him under his policy, yet he still had the nerve to demand more.

Following this incident, Appliances Online's expert, Colin Jones, told "Cooking any raw foods in a toaster is not only a health risk, but it could also create a fire hazard with the potential for oils and fats to create a flame.

"As a toaster is primarily designed to cook bread and not raw foods, the oils and fats would void the warranty of the toaster and could cause damage to it.

"Also as it would be difficult to clean, you could also run the risk of cross-contamination, by placing raw food into a toaster and then reusing it."

Even Gordon Ramsay once said a toaster-cooked steak was the worst he had ever seen, and he's seen some terrible meals.

Would you ever cook steak in a toaster?

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  • What a moron.

      3 months ago
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  • You've tried to cook pizza in a toaster

      3 months ago
  • Oh geeze!

      3 months ago
  • 🙄

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