Man’s life saved by eating Disney food

A heart-warming tale of how a man’s love of Disney helped to transform his life.

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Despite the persistent horrors and disappointments pushed by news outlets and cynics on the internet, inspirational events do still exist. Although scare-stories are incredibly popular, pleasant outcomes are continuing to occur.

A story recently published on the Disney Parks Blog goes a very long way to proving these points.

In 2013, Mark Gautier awoke from a coma caused by a diabetic shock. The effects of his ill-health meant that he found it near impossible to talk or write. As an avid writer and artist, these consequent deteriorations had a damaging impact on Mark’s mental health.

It was a cautionary message from his wife Vanessa that initiated Mark’s alternative outlook on life. Vanessa told him that they needed to make changes to allow enjoyment to come flooding back. Like anyone searching for fun, they purchased a Disneyland pass so that they could stroll around the grounds and indulge in entertaining exercise.

The walking may well have been good, but the food was even better. Mark took pleasure in sampling the vast Disneyland gourmet delights, with nachos, turkey legs and corn dogs all making the grade – he even managed to lose 150 pounds over the course of five years thanks to eating sensible portions and incredible willpower.

After he and Vanessa welcomed a baby girl into their lives, Mark started working at Disneyland as a Hotel Houseman, walking a staggering 13 miles every day. In addition to his role, Mark also takes part in Disney Aspire, a program that invests in education.

Talking to the Disney Parks Blog, Mark said: “I was amazed by everything, and I wanted to be a part of it.

“All of this has been a blessing in disguise for me.”

It seems that at Disneyland dreams really do come true.

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