Maruimichi, the Japanese artist of surrealist food

An artist who will appeal to gourmands from all over the world

1y ago

Maruimichi is not a world-renowned artist, but she is one of those artists, illustrators, designers who fill the web with beauty.

With more than 13,600 followers, the Japanese illustrator shares her surrealist-style creations on her Twitter profile.

In this image, an egg is formed around a young woman, creating a soft and semi-transparent garment.

In the first scene, a portion of tofu with a soft air becomes a kotatsu, while a bottle of soy sauce is seasoned.

In the second scene, a slice of watermelon also acts as a mosquito net, offering refuge to a girl who relaxes with a book and a cold drink.

Even without a human trace, food is transformed and reveals its secrets: in the first figure, the cross-sections of an apple reveal springs and gears of a clock. In the second one, salmon eggs fall from the slices and turn into white rice.

In this image, a young samurai emerges from a black watermelon that forms her skirt and explodes, spreading the seeds in the air.

In the image next to it, a slice of salmon is the floor for a hungry feline colony made up of black cats which also includes a girl-cat with ears and dressed in black.

In the next, a little girl leans on a fork higher than her, which is skewered in a cube of cream and fruit. The hub is melting to create a small pool of fruit juice.

In the image on the right, a portion of strawberry and cream cake breaks down: sponge cake, cream and strawberries and suddenly a transparent cube with a girl surrounded by strawberries inside. Everything is covered with a curl of cream and a large strawberry with a tasty air.

In addition to the surrealist and somewhat metaphysical works dedicated to food, Maruimichi continually updates his Twitter profile with drawings and illustrations one more beautiful than the other.

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