- It doesn't impress by its look, but it's delicious!

Mashed potatoes with endive

Use it as main dish, side dish or salad

44w ago

Today I've got a regional speciality from the Lower Rhine area for you.

Originally I come from Westphalia and didn't kow this dish until I moved here, but I fell in love with it right away.

I'm sure you will feel the same, because it's tasty, low on calories and easy to recreate. You can even modify it according to your own taste. I will present you some ideas later.

Suitable consistency

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Now you can put in the enidve.

What about the strange name?

If you were wondering about the name of the dish: It has several names in Germany and the Netherlands. It's known, inter alia, as "Ärpel mit Schlaat", "Andijviestamppot" or simply "Endivien-Kartoffelstampf".

Suit your own taste

As I told you earlier it's really simple to modify the dish. Here are a few ideas:

- You can stir in some cream cheese.

- If you want to eat some meat with the dish you can put (fried) bacon, pieces of ham or sautéed minced meat in. Meatballs go well, too. In some areas they even eat the dish with blood sausage.

- Of course you can put in different spices and herbs - for example garam masala, garlic, baharat, picadillo - to give the dish a whole new taste.

- We like it to mix some fried onions among the potatoes.

- I used a mustard I bought at a mustard mill in Groningen in the Netherlands, but I also tested the recipe with dijon mustard and one from Düsseldorf. I think medium hot mustard works best, but perhaps you want to try out a hot mustard or Bavarian sweet mustard. I would recommend to test it with a small amout of the mashed potatoes. You may also highlight the tast with vinegar or sumac.


Of course you can warming up leftovers the following day. Some say this dish even gets better in this way. Especially in summer it's also nice to eat it cold as salad - perhaps as a little lunch during office days.


Now I'm curious: I would love to hear how you like this recipe. :-)

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