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Massimo Bottura is opening his first US restaurant

The world famous chef's swanky new Beverly Hills spot is a collaboration with Gucci

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Massimo Bottura, one of the most famous chefs in the world, is opening his first ever restaurant in the US.

The Italian chef runs the three-Michelin-star Osteria Francescana, based in Modena, Italy. It’s been listed in the top five of The World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards since 2010 - and appeared in the first season of Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

This new restaurant, Gucci Osteria, will be based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. It’s actually a collaboration between the chef and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzari — the pair have been friends since childhood.

This is the second Gucci Osteria (the first is in Florence) and will be opening soon in its swanky Rodeo Drive location.

Diners at the new osteria will be able to sample the chef’s now legendary dishes like his tortellini with 36-month Parmigiano-Reggiano from Modena. The pasta is actually lactose-free because the process of making the cheese breaks the lactose down.

Bottura told Food and Wine: “It’s magic, and we have to pay respect to this magic.”

There will also be a risotto dish, with the flavors and colors of pizza, with tomato, basil, and stracciatella cheese, plus a “crust” of caper powder.

One of Bottura's most famous dishes at his Modena restaurant is called "Oops I dropped the lemon tart!"

One of Bottura's most famous dishes at his Modena restaurant is called "Oops I dropped the lemon tart!"

The chef said: “What is the essence of our cuisine? It’s looking at the past in a critical way and never with nostalgia. It’s bringing the best of the past into the future.”

Gucci Osteria pastry chef Tamara Rigo will be serving a resplendent fruit-laden dessert that’s inspired by the sunset over Venice Beach.

Bottura said: “L.A. has become a hub for creative minds from all over the world similar to how Florence was back in the Renaissance. If Gucci Osteria in Florence is our Renaissance 2.0, Gucci Osteria in Los Angeles could be a step toward a future where cross-cultural and ethical practices in the kitchen go hand-in-hand.”

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  • Hmm, I'll be in LA in September... Maybe should make a reservation right away 😉

      1 year ago
    • I would. How expensive can it be? Gucci and Beverly Hills are names synonymous with economy. Lol

        1 year ago