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MasterChef contestant dangles bags of pasta from her window for NHS staff

Marla, a quarter finalist from the 2020 series, has been gifting fresh pasta to NHS workers

51w ago

Marla Liguori established herself as an Italian cuisine devotee on the latest series of MasterChef. And now, she's making fresh pasta for any NHS worker who passes by her window.

Marla lives close to St Bartholomew’s, University College and St Thomas’ Hospitals, so NHS workers frequently pass her house on their way to and from work.

She's been asking healthcare workers to contact her on Instagram so she can hook them up with some tagliatelle when they finish their shift.

Marla told Metro.co.uk. "I’m known as the chef amongst my friends and family back home.

"When all the Covid-19 stuff happened, I quickly realised I couldn’t host dinner parties anymore so I started making food.

"It wasn’t even pasta to start – but just anything I was making for dinner or baking I would give it to my friends through the window."

Marla was inspired by her two future sisters-in-law, who are training to become nurses. She said, "They are going to be working long shifts, so I thought what would I do to help them if I was in Vancouver? Making pasta seemed like the natural thing."

Marla's been working hard to distribute her free pasta; she's made 40 batches in the last 10 days. Due to the demand, she's had to order an enormous 50kg bag of Tipo 00 flour from Italy – enough to make about 500 portions.

Asked whether the mounting costs of giving away free food were an obstacle, she said, "It doesn’t concern me at this point. I did some maths and I worked out that hosting two dinner parties for eight of my friends – which I would normally do on the weekend – is the cost of feeding about 100 doctors, nurses and pharmacists."

Friends have urged Martha to start a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the costs of the pasta, but Martha is willing to fund this herself:

"I’m just reallocating funds to something far more valuable – not that I don’t love hosting for my friends – but if I can feed 100 staff who are tired after a long day, that to me is super impactful. That’s how I rationalised it."

In order to give the supplies to NHS staff safely, she's devised a cunning scheme in which she bags up the pasta and ties it to a length of string. This is then lowered down from her window to the NHS staff member below.

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