Mastri Birrai Umbri

Deluxe Italian craft beer made with genuineness and passion.

1y ago

I bought this beer out of curiosity, and guess what? I love it!

It's a Craft Wheat Ale Beer re-fermented in the bottle, produced using selected wheat malt and hops, with the method of high fermentation.

This masterpiece is a bright yellow, has fruity notes, is delicate and sparkling.

After savouring it, I was curious and went to the Mastri Birrai Umbri website to find out more about them and their production.

I discovered a world of beers that I would love to taste, but which are not so common on the shelves! They have beautiful labels, and I bet the taste is no less.

As you can understand from the name, the Umbrian Masters Brewers, are in Umbria, in a country in the province of Perugia.

The link with the territory is a crucial element in the creation of these refined beers, which combine centuries of taste culture with an area rich in flavours and traditions.

And now... I want to taste them all!

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