McDonald's Big Mac eating challenge world record - 32 burgers in 38 minutes!

How long would it take you?

1y ago

Joey Chestnut is one of the world's leading competitive eaters who has taken on some pretty impressive challenges in the past but this one is something almost anyone can attempt.

Joey went onto the Ubereats app and ordered 32 Mcdonald's Big Mac's which came to a total of $127.68. All of this burger equivalates to 18,016 calories and comes in at a total weight of 15.36 pounds. Not light work by any means.

As you can see, he demolished all 32 of them in just 38 minutes and 15 seconds. That is almost one a minute and they are not small burgers by any means. Just think how much bread, burgers and grease is now inside him. Fair play!

How many could you eat in one go?

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