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McDonald's Brazil has the BEST dip for your burger

This will seriously upgrade your burger-eating experience...

5w ago

For those lucky enough to experience different branches of McDonald's around the world, Brazil should be the first on your list.

The fast-food chain has just released a new dip that can be used for your fries or nuggets, but ESPECIALLY, for your Quarter Pounder or Cheeseburger. The dip in itself is not very complex, it is rather simple actually, it's just a "pool of cheddar", as captioned by McDonald's Brazil on their official Instagram account.

But, don't let the simplicity of this melted cheese fool you - this can seriously turn a boring ol' McDonald's eating experience into something, well, magical!

The 100g tub of melted cheddar cheese can be added to any McDonald's order, so you can enjoy the cheesy goodness with any other menu item that you choose. If you ask us, that's a lot of cheese, so you'll definitely have some leftover after your meal, to enjoy on its own – with a spoon perhaps? (or why not just guzzle it down straight?)

Though the item is still only available at McDonald's Brazil, there may be a chance of it appearing in other countries.

Or maybe we could start a petition? Who is with me?!

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