McDonald's China drops Oreo and Spam burger

Clearly the James May cooking craze has gone international.

4w ago

Healthy and environmentally friendly eating are currently extremely popular endeavours that are proving to be big business for, well, big businesses. Whether it’s people changing to totally vegan diets or watching the number of daily calories they ingest, mind over matter is more significant than ever.

Perhaps the giant fast food corporations should be spooked by such a tidal surge of public opinion – and it may well be that they have been. However, rather than simply giving in to the sway of general feeling by ensuring that every product they produce is divine to the taste buds of everyone, there evidently exists a belief that heavily processed fat and salt will triumph above all else.

China’s outpost of McDonald’s has displayed a fine example of this mentality in its latest burger. With no extra lettuce in sight, the newest creation is a brave combination of Oreo cookies and Spam.

Although that may seem like a greatly enticing prospect to James May and any of his wannabes (do such people actually exist?), to the rest of us mere mortals the idea should sound like a bizarre albeit original concoction overloaded with sugar and sweat.

The exclusive burger – that will have a limited run of just 400,000 – consists of two traditional buns, two Spam fritters, a layer of crumbled Oreos and mayonnaise. Costing roughly ¥13.14 (Chinese Yen), even the pricing displays an affectionate originality: in Mandarin the number can be pronounced with the meaning “once in a lifetime”.

The jury is still out on whether the brazen burger will be a hit in China, but if it is then we all need to be prepared for the inevitable onslaught of fried-and-sugar food combos. I honestly cannot wait for KFC crispy chicken jelly babies.

Would you eat McDonald’s iconic Spam and Oreo burger?

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Comments (9)

  • Yeah, they should really drop it...onto the floor. What a disgusting mix!

      1 month ago
  • That would be interesting, but personally I would just prefer an Oreo doughnut as dessert and maybe a slice of spam with breakfast.

      30 days ago
  • Spam, few shreds of meat added to a mountain of salt, is disgusting and Oreo, not much to say either. Both are not fit for human consumption and both are wrong. However, I would love to have couple of bites, at least. I just want to check if two wrongs make right!!! LOL!

      1 month ago
  • As someone who lives in Hawaii, where people here practically live off spam, I gotta say that while a spam burger isn't unheard of, the idea of adding in oreo to it is just straight-up weird.

      29 days ago
  • Damn.

      29 days ago