McDonald's ends test of P.L.T. plant-based burger and no one noticed until now

2020 is weird

34w ago

In January 2020, McDonald's announced the introduction of a vegan "P.L.T." burger in 52 locations in southwestern Ontario, Canada. The sandwich was produced in partnership with Beyond Meat and featured burgers made with plant, lettuce and tomato (hence the name P.L.T.). The company said it would keep the burgers in the menu for three months as a test.

As we all know, nothing is ever surprising in 2020, which is probably the reason why McDonald's quietly removed the P.L.T. from all menus in late April. But no one noticed until last week.

According to a report from CBC, McDonald's did not publicly announce the end of the test run, they simply removed the items from the menus, and from its website. In fairness, it clearly stated it was only going to run the test for a few months.

Anyway, as soon as people realized, they took to Twitter to express their discontent. In response to a Twitter user, McDonald's Canada said they, "have no current plans to bring it back to our menu at this time [but we] will be sure to share your feedback with our team for future consideration."

A spokesperson for Beyond Meat said it was, "pleased with the test [and] there's been no change in information since we began this test and got good results in the beginning and got good results at the end."

Either way, we should definitely expect changes in the future as McDonald's continues to restructure its menus. Earlier this year, it temporarily removed several items from the menus in order to provide the same level of service during the pandemic, considering that revenue went down and the restaurants were mostly shut or short-staffed. Some of these products are expected to be available in again in the upcoming months, including the Quarter Pounders, the Bacon McDouble and chocolate chip cookies, while other items could be ditched for good.

Having a vast and more comprehensive menu, especially with notable discrepancies in different regions and locations, is more difficult to sustain and could hinder the experience and quality, which is why McDonald's is possibly looking to simplify certain aspects of its menus. The National Owners Association, for example, has already confirmed their vote to permanently remove the All-Day Breakfast menu altogether.

Have you ever tried a P.L.T. burger?

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Comments (5)

  • I tried the beyond burger at Burger King and it was ok... when I crave a burger I want a burger. I don’t eat beef daily but crave a burger from time to time . If you grow up eating the beyond type burger it will be your craving and for that it’s a good idea.

      7 months ago
    • Yup. Fair point. I tried meatless burgers twice. Once at an independent restaurant in Spain and it was tasty but the texture was weird, then once again at a restaurant chain, but not a major one like BK, in the UK and it was good

        7 months ago
    • Back in the late 80’s we had a small chain of restaurants called Hoffs Hut.. the actually had a meatless burger.. it was actually pretty good. It tasted like stuffing you’d eat at Thanksgiving , firmed into a patty and toasted.. I ordered it...

      Read more
        7 months ago
  • Not too surprised. Bring on the triffids

      7 months ago