McDonald's introduce Bubble Tea in The Philippines

Does someone wanna buy me a ticket to Manila?

Ben Welham posted in Drinks
2y ago

If you are a big bubble tea fan like I am, then you will be partly excited by this news. I say partly because unfortunately I do not live in The Philippines but do have friends who do. Maybe this is an excuse for a visit?

As you can see from the poster, they are selling a drink called the 'Milk Tea McFloat' ( a great name btw) but have now added small sugary balls to it, making it a bubble tea. The flavours they have introduced are, 'Wintermelon' and 'Classic'. I thought it was a bit odd to introduce this chilled drink around now but then again, it doesn't get all that cold over in The Philippines anyway.

The cost is 75 Peso, or £1.17 or $1.44, so not a bad price at all.

Is this something you would order?

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Comments (2)

  • I live in the Philippines but there are a lot of other alternatives that are much cheaper. Also there are others that are more expensive but have a better variety and will substitute the tapioca balls or remove them.

      2 years ago
  • I don’t get bubble tea. The bubbles are a bit of an inconvenience. You’re trying to drink something, then you get this chewy ball and you have to manage everything in your mouth.

    I’m always like: “What do I do now? Do I swallow this liquid? How do I swallow this liquid without swallowing this chewy ball and possibly suffocating myself?”

    Too much work for not that good of a flavor or texture.

      2 years ago