McDonald's is giving emergency workers free drinks throughout Covid-19 outbreak

Thousands of front-line employees will benefit from the sweet comforts.

1y ago

Fast food giant McDonald's has decided to spread some of the gold from its famous arches towards funding complimentary refreshments to hard-working emergency personnel across the UK.

Benefitting from the scheme - launched in response to the increasing pressures on agencies following the outbreak of the coronavirus called Covid-19 - will be staff from the police, fire and rescue services, local authorities and the whole of the NHS.

Each time an eligible worker shows their official identification card at any McDonald's restaurant or drive-thru they will be able to collect a free drink of their choosing.

The idea is to help boost the morale of caring staff who are likely to see increasingly busy working days as the pandemic continues - as well as having to consistently put themselves at risk of contracting the Coronavirus while they support people in need.

So, (as well as hand wash) expect sales of Maccies' coffees to soar in the coming weeks.

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