McDonald’s is in trouble because the ice cream machines never work

“Sorry, our ice cream machine is broken”

4w ago

McDonald’s has had a problem with ice cream machines for years - there's even a website that tracks when and where the McDonald's ice cream machines are broken in the US.

It's a long-standing problem and according to the Wall Street Journal, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - a company that protects consumers from deceptive and unfair business practices - is now investigating McDonald’s to find out why their ice cream machines are so frequently out of service.

The Wall Street Journal reported that McDonald's ice cream machines are made by Taylor, a company with a track record of unreliability issues. A couple of years ago, another company called Kytch created a new tool to help McDonald's franchise owners easily fix their own ice cream machines but McDonald's claimed the devices weren't unauthorized and on top of that, Kytch filed a lawsuit against Taylor, claiming they’d been copying their repair device for the machines.

And that’s when the FTC stepped in. Stay tuned.

Have you ever had a problem with McDonald’s ice cream machines?

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  • A friend of mine worked at a McDonald's. He said it's because employees don't want to clean it. So they just keep it off.

      1 month ago