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McDonald's Is Launching Big Mac Sauce Pots

Ditch the calorie counter, it's time for exclusive enjoyment!

1y ago

For everyone out there taking part in ‘New Year, new me’ diets, Dry January and whatever other misery-inducing 2020 activities the chaos of social media has dreamed up, I share your pain.

Having survived the past four weeks drinking water and eating nothing but one handful of grass a day I’m fully ready to go to the nearest McDonald’s and buy their entire chicken nugget fryer.

Now, with spookily impeccable timing, McDonald’s has given me just the reason for doing so: Big Mac sauce pots have arrived.

Yes, you read that right. Delicious Big Mac sauce squeezed into adorable little pots of pure joy.

They’ll only be available for a strictly limited period, but as of 12th February you can stock up for just 50p a time. Freeze them, bury them in the garden or just guzzle them down one after another in some weird display of obsession, get them while you can.

In fact, according to Delish, McDonald’s workers have been preparing to expect massive orders and queues as people scramble to get their hands on the irresistible treat. So, expect to be taken down by a Ronald McDonald ninja some day soon.

One thing’s definitely for sure: my Valentine’s Day gifts are now sorted.

How many Big Mac dips will you be buying?

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Comments (4)

  • omg omg omg want want want

      1 year ago
  • Dreams do come true !

      1 year ago
  • I can understand the hype, but I prefer my Big Mac sauce in a package. The Big Mac.

      1 year ago