McDonald's Japan now offering Adult Cream Pie

It's exactly what you think it is....or maybe not

1y ago

When choosing a name for a new product, it's a good idea to think about how it will translate into the language spoken in the countries it's going to be sold in. There are some occasions, very much including this one, where we are so glad they didn't!

If you find yourself peckish in Japan and happen to be near a McDonald's, you might be expecting your regular array of sweet treats: McFlurrys, sundaes, apple pies, etc. All perfectly reasonable and delicious choices.

There is a strong possibility you would be *quite* surprised to be offered an 'Adult Cream Pie'.

Well, we hope you like surprises!

McDonald's latest offering is not as NSFW as it's name suggests (although, if you really like chocolate, we are absolutely not going to judge you!)...

Think apple pie, but with a creamy Belgian chocolate filling or a thick, oozey, cream cheese filling.

Now, about that name. Is it an accident or it is a bit of genius marketing? Well these delicious treats were released on Adult's Day in Japan, so we are thinking it's unlikely to be a coincidence.

If it is a marketing ploy, then it has absolutely worked because anyone who has any access to McDonald's in Japan, or the internet, has been talking about it.

Twitter is awash with innuendo under #AdultCreamPie

There are those who wholeheartedly disapprove of the name too. I would urge these people to consider it lost in translation...!

What other questionably named foods do you know of?

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