McDonald's Korea is bringing out a spicy mac and cheese burger

Who wants to try one?

12w ago

McDonald's in the UK tends to play its menu quite safe. We never see the introduction of interesting and unusual food items and this is either due to us Brits being bland or because there simply isn't any need for them to do so, but Korea seems to know what's up.

As part of a new menu, McDonald's Korea is launching a Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger which sounds amazing.

It features a fried chicken breast patty that's topped with a cayenne pepper-spiced mac and cheese that's made with Grana Padano and cheddar cheese. They even throw in some crispy bacon to complete what could be the best burger ever.

The Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger will be available from October 28 to November 24, at McDonald's locations across Korea.

Who wants this menu item at their local Maccies?

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Comments (4)

  • Heart attack on a plate, and it doesn't look like an enjoyable one. 😱

      2 months ago
  • Not me, it still McDonald's 🤢

      2 months ago
  • It looks delicious. I hope McDonald's bring them here one day.

      2 months ago
  • Nobody wants this damnit

      2 months ago