McDonald's No Longer Has All-day Breakfast

CEO cites the need to "simplify operations" during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1y ago

Fans of order and simplicity everywhere rejoice; you can no longer order an steak-egg-and-cheese McGriddle for supper at the Golden Arches. To streamline processes (read: reduce staff for both distancing and economic reasons), franchisees and local operations are being asked to reduce items and stick to the hits.

Once again, I think this is too much for your typical high school student to operate on a part-time basis

Once again, I think this is too much for your typical high school student to operate on a part-time basis

Dare I believe that McDonald's corporate staff reads FoodTribe? Are they making the most of this opportunity to return to the basics? I praised them last week when, rather than rolling out another ill-fated fussy sandwich, they chose to simply upsize their most iconic sandwich by reintroducing the Grand Big Mac. Could it be that after decades of trying to please everyone by offering them their own, individual items, the burger braintrust has finally realized that less is more?

I don't mean to seem unsympathetic to stoners everywhere, for they are generally a kind, gentle sort, if often easily confused. But unlike many people, I do not have the choice of several drive thru choices on a daily basis, so I actually depend on McDonald's more than I should. Some say I should spend more time jogging, and less time sitting in line at the drive thru. Some can also bite my butt.

If, by taking away the responsibility of having to create and maintain a viable biscuit product at 5 PM, it allows the kitchen staff in my neighborhood Mickey D's to do a better job on my #2 Meal (Quarter-Pounder-with-Cheese, no onions, french fries, large Coke) then I am all for it. Even if it means Cheech behind me doesn't get his sausage biscuit to eat while watching the Evening news.

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  • P.J. O'Rourke has said that " above a certain level, complexity is fraud. "

    Keep it simple ?

      1 year ago
  • In the UK we have never had an all day breakfast and they used to only serve it up to 10:30 am

      1 year ago