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    - From McDonald's Singapore Instagram

    McDonald's Singapore Introduces New Ice Cream Flavors

    Two very interesting and delicious sounding and looking ice creams

    44w ago


    McDonald's Singapore continued to up their game in the recent weeks with the announcement of two new ice cream flavors. The first, Popcorn Caramel is a flavor they did last year in a limited run and this will be a limited run as well. They're advertised as buttery caramel soft serve and you can get it in two variations, all Popcorn Caramel or swirl, Popcorn Caramel with Vanilla. And this will run you $1.00.

    The second flavor, which was announced at the start of the Lunar New Year is Peach. advertised as creamy and refreshing, you can also get this in all Peach or swirl, Peach with Vanilla and this one will also run you $1.00.

    From McDonald's Singapore Instagram

    From McDonald's Singapore Instagram

    As an American we pretty much only have the option of Vanilla cones and that's if the machine isn't broken. But I would love to see these flavors, especially the Peach in the summer, extend to McDonald's in other countries.

    What do you guys think? Would you try these flavors?

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    Comments (14)

    • Peach with vanilla sounds wonderful! Imagine it on a hot summer day, the perfect refresher

        10 months ago
    • I don't like popcorn, but its a texture thing, so maybe if this is just popcorn flavoured it would be nice? I think the peach one sounds delicious though

        10 months ago
      • My first thought was I hope it doesn’t taste like the buttered popcorn jelly bean because that, in my opinion is one of the worst. But I agree, the peach sounds so good.

          10 months ago
    • I'd like Peach as a sundae.

        10 months ago
    • Oh yes I would! Maybe only once.

        10 months ago
    • I need this in my life!

        9 months ago