McVitie's is giving rainbows to helpful people

Key workers, volunteers and anyone who’s good at just being friendly can be nominated.

1y ago

Cake and biscuit producer McVitie’s is encouraging people to nominate others who are making a real difference to their community – in return for a chance to win a bundle of Rainbow Cake Bars.

The idea of the competition is that anyone who “brings a little colour into people’s lives” can be put forward by someone they know in order to win the prize. There are no set standards on what the person should have done to have made someone else’s life better, so anyone from key workers to volunteers is eligible to be picked.

The selected winners will receive a large box of McVitie’s Rainbow Cake Bars, which are limited edition sponge treats that are coated in chocolate and contain an enormous dollop of colourful, rainbow-inspired cream. You could say that they’d be perfect for a rainy day.

Applications are simple: go onto Twitter, write down a name and a reason why they are so brilliant and attach the hashtag #RainbowsForRainbows. Girl Guides are especially eligible.

I guess that pots of gold might have been a slightly better reward, but chocolate is a perfectly fitting substitute.

Will you be nominating a rainbow?

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