McVitie's launches tongue-in-cheek biscuit sponsorship of Team GB

Half the FoodTribe office are Olympic champions if this is anything to go by

1y ago

McVitie's, the brand behind some of the UK's most beloved biscuits and cakes, has unveiled its unlikely sponsorship of Team GB. Yup, the purveyors of Hob Nobs, Rich Teas and Gold Bars is sponsoring the British Olympic team. Right.

It's a bit of an odd move, given that most of us simply graze on biscuits to make our remaining time on this mortal coil a bit more bearable, and that biscuits aren't exactly the last word in health food. But McVitie's has seized that particularly fattening bull by the horns, and has unveiled a series of billboard images promoting its sponsorship. It's proper fourth-wall-breaking stuff.

Using the tagline "Proud (if slightly awkward) official partner of Team GB", the sponsorship campaign leans heavily on the fact that sporting heroes probably aren't eating the free tins of biscuits McVitie's has presumably shipped to their houses. Who knew.

Speaking to Campaign, McVitie's brand director Emma Stowers said: "Team GB and McVitie's are not natural bedfellows – it's a biscuit brand working with an elite sports team." No sh*t.

McVitie's will be rolling out a series of TV and social media ads as part of the campaign, including appearances from Team GB's biggest stars, including diving hotshot Tom Daley.

Whether or not the Tokyo Olympic Games go ahead is yet to be seen, but McVitie's says it has a plan B. Hopefully it involves a series of Olympic sports where all the equipment is replaced by biscuits. Chocolate digestive discus, anyone?

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Comments (4)

  • *Chocolate digestive biscus

      1 year ago
  • Hahaha I love self trolling. My dad loves Digestives.....

      1 year ago
  • The crazy part, is that many athletes require outrageous calorie levels to compete. So the not-so-secret secret of Olympians is that most of them eat desserts (puddings). This plays on a falsehood perpetrated by the media and the Olympians who used to tell the media cock-and-bull stories about their training to mess with them and their competitors who may have been mimicking their regime.

      1 year ago