- McVities Digestives - Strawberries and Cream flavour.

McVities' strawberries and cream digestives

Are they the sunny taste of summer or the bitterness of winter?

1y ago

One day last week the sun was present in the sky for a full ten seconds, meaning without shadow of a doubt (don't excuse the pun) that the pits of winter have been demolished and an eternity of spring has begun.

This means that confectionery firms' rampant use of sugar is beefed up even further as they try (usually successfully - especially in my case) to surge their profits with new delights.

Basically, this means teaming an existing product with fruit (usually either orange or strawberry); and, quelle surprise, strawberry and cream digestive biscuits by McVities can be found on the shelves of Asda for a suitably sweet £1.

To look at they are identical to a typical chocolate digestive with a wheaty biscuit base lightly coated with milk chocolate. The difference - genuinely surprisingly - comes in the taste.

Generally, anything labelled up as tasting like strawberries and cream is actually just mildly pink sugar with very little comparison to the real shebang. These biscuits, however, deliciously mimic the traditional Wimbledon treat with a sharp burst of sweet strawberry teamed idyllically with a softer, more refined creamy backdrop.

The historic idiom of never judging by appearances is represented perfectly by McVities' invention. Initially, I was sceptical that the bland-looking creation would make any impression other than eroding my teeth, but I was wrong (as I am at least three times every minute).

If you're still unsure of what to panic buy now that all of the toilet rolls have disappeared I recommend piling bags full of McVities' strawberries and cream biscuits into your Coronavirus-proof bunker. Let's not forget that strawberries are a fruit which are helpful to your body - so you might even discover a vaccine amongst the chocolate crumbs.

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Comments (4)

  • Sounds great!

      1 year ago
  • I never fancied Digestives. We live in a world of TimTams and Penguins - there is no need for cardboard biscuits.

      1 year ago
  • My dad would love these

      1 year ago