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Meal prep heaven as Tupperware opens an IRL store

Cut down on single-use plastic *and* get a great Insta

1y ago

If you’re looking for your next food-related outing, boy have we got the activity for you. Nope, it’s not the launch night of the hottest new restaurant in town, or lining up around the block for a food truck that's gone viral.

You guessed right: it’s the opening of a Tupperware store. Tupperware’s first ever store, to be exact.

The aptly named TuppSoho is now open in New York City as a pop-up store. The company promises an “immersive experience”... presumably this means Tupperware you can get inside?

This is the first pop-up store in Tupperware’s 75-year-history (we had no idea it was that old). Shoppers at 227 Mulberry Street will be able to take part in hands-on product demos and check out colorful installations.

Asha Gupta, chief strategy and marketing officer of Tupperware Brands, said: “The opening of TuppSoho marks a monumental point in our brand's longstanding history. We are giving access to our brand like never before. Tupperware has been an important part of how people interact with their kitchen and their food for decades. In fact, we are a cultural touchstone and we're embracing that now by opening our doors for more people to experience the magic and depth of Tupperware.”

Meal prep enthusiasts will have their pick of classic products, as well as new items like the FridgeSmart container which locks in the nutrients of fruit and veg, or the MicroPro Grill designed for the microwave.

So whether you're motivated by getting the perfect Insta or the prospect of saving on all that single-use plastic, we think it's a pretty decent way to while away a Saturday afternoon.

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