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Meat guru Salt Bae to launch diamond encrusted steak in Dubai

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Turkish chef and restaurateur Nusret Gökçe, commonly known as "Salt Bae", came to prominence in 2017 when he became an internet sensation following the release of a Twitter video that saw him seasoning meat in suave fashion.

Mr Gökçe currently owns and runs Nusr-Et, a chain of steak houses and restaurants, and has caused controversy with some of the most eccentric items on the menu – including the edible gold steak.

Now, Salt Bae has decided to up the ante and is reportedly working to add a diamond encrusted steak to the menu at one of his locations in Dubai. The steak, which is said to be priced in the six-figure range, will feature a thin layer of diamond encrusted on its surface. If you buy it, you can eat the steak and keep the diamonds.

April Fisch, director of communications for Salt Bae, has declined to comment because I literally just made up her name. That's because this is an April Fool's and nothing I said it's true. Gotcha.

Happy April Fool's

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