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Meat matters: Rank your charcuterie board favourites...

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Parma Ham
    • Soppressata
    • Calabrese
    • Mortadella
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    Comments (7)

    • This is the most middle class poll I have ever seen. Love it!

        1 year ago
      • Hahaha I'm so sorry Marcel, couldn't help myself. I was just over here dreaming of a big plate of Parma Ham and bresaola (the best choices!) and wanted to see how many other people were correct 😂

          1 year ago
      • That's alright, maybe the next one can be "rate the following types of brioche" ;)

          1 year ago
    • I'd love a slice of each on my platter.

        1 year ago
    • Assuming Parma Ham is prosciutto crudo, I would eat my body weight in it if I could afford it. Same with Genoa salami

        1 year ago
    • Where's the Spanish hamon iberica? I don't any of the crap mentioned.

        1 year ago