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Meet Juno, an appliance that chills your bottle of wine faster than a freezer

Matter of minutes, not half an hour or an hour.

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Juno is a beverage chiller i.e. can chill your bottle of wine, can of soda/soft drink, any bottle of beverage you have. It comes from a company called Matrix Industries. Matrix presented Juno to the public at CES at Vegas, very recently. CES is the Consumer Electronics show, it is like Geneva Motor Show for consumer electronics.

...Operating it is similar to a toaster...

It not a big appliance, it fits on the counter top and it can fit a standard bottle of wine in it. According to Matrix, operating it is as simple as a toaster. Actually, operating it is pretty similar to a toaster. In a toaster, you put the slices of bread and push the leaver down, a few minutes later you have nice warm toast the way you like it.

With Juno, you open the top and place the bottle, can of beverage, any sealed beverage container inside it and press a button or two. Similar isn't it. Thermoelectric witchcraft (things that are very complicated to explain) happens and the body length red LED light changes colour to blue and that is when you know your beverage is chilled. Matrix claim a 750 ml bottle of wine gets chilled in less than 5 minutes, a 12 oz can of beer or soft-drink can be chilled in less than two. They say if you want it colder, then to leave your drink in there a little bit longer.

The Juno. Pic credit: Matrix Industries

The Juno. Pic credit: Matrix Industries

Price of this appliance is $299 but, pre-orders are available and you can get this for $199. Matrix have not mentioned how long the pre-orders will be open but they say limited time.

Personally, I think this is brilliant, you can do anything last minute, you don't have to worry about chilling a bottle earlier or making sure the beer is in the fridge. Additionally, you save space in the fridge, because you can keep the bottles outside, in the pantry or if you have just made a smoothie - just put into Juno and it will be chilled. Lastly, it is simple to operate - just like a toaster. What more could you ask for?

What do you think of Juno?

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