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Meet my favourite kitchen gadget: the knife sharpener of the gods

Part of a new series where we share our favourite gadgets and tell you to buy them

1y ago

This is part of a new series where the DriveTribe and FoodTribe collective share their favourite kitchen gadgets and gizmos. We're not being paid to promote these (though we may take a tiny kickback if you buy one through our links) – this is just stuff we genuinely love.


You'd think that my favourite kitchen gadget would be deeply sexy – something that makes every dish tastier, or every drink… drinkier.

But no.

It's a knife sharpener. But it gives me such a sense of joy and excitement that I sometimes leave the kitchen having done nothing other than hone steel into a pointier, slicier form. Since buying it I've even been known to leave the last Hob Nob unsnaffled.

Y'see, a few years back I started the perhaps inevitable descent into becoming a knife fetishist. I bought a Global knife in a sale at a local branch of Lakeland, and this opened my eyes to just how lovely it is to have a Very Sharp Knife. However, the problem with having a VSK is that you tend to use it more than your other ones and, after a while, it becomes a Moderately Sharp Knife. And going from a VSK to a MSK is like switching from Five Guys to Burger King, or from a Porsche Boxster to a Mazda MX-5. It's similar, yet much much worse.

I made things even more worser by buying a big block whetstone knife sharpener, but these require you to hold the blade at an approximately 15.42 degrees angle of attack during the entire sharpening stroke, which is harder than watching the entire series of Tiger King without screaming 'what the shuddering f*ck'. In fact, using a whetstone correctly is so much of a faff I actually turned my VSK into a Completely Blunt Knife. And no one wants a CBK.

My hunt for sharpening pleasure continued.

Get to the point

Global, unsurprisingly, wants you to buy its very expensive own-brand whetstone – but the corporation does quietly recommend one simple roller-based sharpener. Just one.

And it's this one – the MinoSharp knife sharpener, made by the Master Cutlery Corporation (who else?). It's £35, made in Japan and has two rollers. You fill it up with water then fecklessly slip your blade through the wet slot – 7 times back and forth over the coarse white one, then 7 times back and forth over the fine pink one. Then you just wipe your metal down and go to town on your foodstuff.

it gets the rodie seal of approval

minoSharp Knife Sharpener – transcend this existence

You probably think this won't make you happy. But it bloody will.

The instructions suggest you run non-Global knives through it 15 times. I've put my entire 17-year-old cheapy-cheap student knifeblock (probably from TK Maxx) through the MinoSharp and it's utterly rejuvenated them. Amazon reviews suggest it will bugger up knives made from German steel, so perhaps this isn't the rekindling of old axis spirits it could've been.

Be happy

I'm now genuinely excited about the prospect of preparing veg and meat. All because I stopped being a lazy arse and bought a decent knife sharpener. Admittedly it's the laziest sort of knife sharpener, but this is about accepting who I am and dealing with it. Buy one using the red button above and join me in my happiness.

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  • I think you may have been watching too many slasher movies during lockdown.🙄

      1 year ago