Meet Nuud, the plastic-free chewing gum that’s plant-based and sugar-free

“Chew plants, not plastic!”, according to Nuud

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The chewing gum you are gnawing while reading this has plastic in it. Yep, you read that correctly. Most of the chewing gum brands don't disclose plastics like polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, butadiene-styrene rubber, and petroleum wax have been used in making their chewing gums. All these plastics are not only hard to spell and pronounce, but they can also be harmful to your health.

Say hello to Nuud – a plastic-free chewing gum that’s plant-based and sugar-free. What's more, Nuud is vegan and fully bio-degradable which means you aren't adding any waste to the environment by chewing this.

And it's not just the fact that Nuud is plastic free that makes it attractive, the branding is pretty spot on too. “Chew plants, not plastic!” is going to appeal to a lot of people, especially in these times.

“Most people don’t know that regular chewing gum is made of single-use plastic and isn’t compostable. UK councils spend around £60 million a year cleaning up gum from our streets. We want to tackle this and effect a whole scale change in behaviour when it comes to chewing gum,” said Keir Carnie, founder of Nuud.

“Our brand is designed to encourage this shift in a fun and engaging way. Made from the sustainably harvested tree sap chicle, Nuud gum decomposes as quickly as a banana skin—we want to bring this biodegradable choice to a mass audience,” he added.

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