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Mega-casserole breaks Guinness World Record

The enormous dish will go to feed 3,000 elderly New Yorkers

1y ago

A green bean casserole smashed the Guinness World Record today for the largest … err, serving of green bean casserole. There literally is a Guinness World Record for everything, isn't there?

The hefty casserole weighed in at a whopping 1,009 pounds and was made by Green Giant. The company beat their own world record when they originally served up a casserole of 637 pounds in 2017.

This year’s record-breaking dish goes to support a good cause too, as it will be served up to 3,000 older people living in New York through the Citymeals on Wheels program. That’s a great local nonprofit that delivers more than two million weekend, holiday and emergency meals for the city’s older people who are homebound.

Ok, but here’s what you’ve been waiting for: those all-important green bean fun facts (playing it fast and loose with the word fun here, folks).

An estimated 125,000 individual Green Giant cut green beans were sacrificed, I mean, used in the mega casserole.

All in all the casserole was made up of 1,069 cans of Green Giant Cut Green Beans, 485 cans of mushroom soup, 65 quarts of milk and 95 pounds of French fried onions.

It took a team of 10 (yes 10), chefs from Stella 34 Trattoria in Macy's Herald Square eight hours to prep and cook the dish. (Don’t worry, Green Giant are at pains to point out that a normal serving only takes 25 minutes to bake).

"Green bean casserole is an iconic Thanksgiving dish, and true to form for Green Giant, we wanted to do something giant to bring attention to the importance of giving back to the community this season," said Jordan Greenberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, B&G Foods. "We are thrilled to celebrate our annual appearance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade by breaking our own Guinness World Records title for the largest serving of green bean casserole which will feed 3,000 older New Yorkers."

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  • That's 125,000 too many green beans for me...!

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