- Left: American coke; Right: Mexican coke

Mexican Coca-Cola is Better Than American Coca-Cola

It is easy to see why when the evidence is laid out

47w ago

I am fortunate in that every local restaurant and grocery carries Coca-Cola made in Mexico. It is a few dimes more per 12 ounce than the local counterpart, and the difference is simple:


An American Coke

An American Coke

A Mexican Coke

A Mexican Coke

Mexican Coke has cane sugar as the #2 ingredient. Our Coke has HFCS, the primary reason why we're all so damn fat, a key reason why American food producers make profits beyond feasibility, and most importantly the key reason American Coca-Cola is so damn worse than its Southern neighbors.

Bottled in glass as opposed to shot into plastic containers.

Beverage container materials, ranked:

- Glass

- Aluminum

- Coconuts on the half-shell

- anything else but plastic

- Plastic

When possible, make sure your Coca-Cola is made by someone other than Americans!

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Comments (7)

  • No biggy, I drink Pepsi😂

      10 months ago
  • An ice cold bottle of Mexican coke is better than American coke in a plastic bottle by a huge margin. My 84 year old mother says it even cures her migraine headaches!

      8 months ago
  • The best Coke I ever had was halfway up Mount Kilimanjaro... it was in a glass bottle, and just tasted better than anything I'd drunk before. I don't know if it was the altitude, the sugar, or the surroundings, but it was an incredibly memorable Coke.

      10 months ago
  • Because they use sugar and not corn syrup

      10 months ago
  • I will have to give that a try!

      10 months ago