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Michelin awards sustainable dining restaurants with Green Clover symbol

France's latest guide already features them

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The 2020 edition of the Michelin Guide France features over 50 restaurants with a 'Green Clover' symbol. The new symbol can be awarded to chefs whose restaurants have the Plate or Bib Gourmand merit or 1, 2 or 3 Michelin Stars.

The Green Clover is an award to showcase a restaurant's commitment to sustainability, and how they work to improve it in their daily practices.

The green five-leaf clover will be shown against the restaurant with a quote from the chef on the restaurant's page to help the reader understand what is being done to achieve that level of sustainability.

Screenshot from Michelin Guide's website on the Green Leaf Clover.

Screenshot from Michelin Guide's website on the Green Leaf Clover.

...Sustainability initiatives will be showcased in guides...

The sustainability initiatives of these chefs will be showcased in the Michelin Guides throughout the year. This will allow diners to learn more about the restaurants and have a better understanding of the chef and cuisine offered.

You might be wondering what part of the restaurant has to be sustainable? It's all of it, from the food to processes, managing food waste, local sourcing and lots of other aspects. Whether they work with farmers who grow foods sustainably, whether restaurants have their own vegetable patches, their methods of recycling or even collecting and using rainwater, all of this adds towards developing sustainable practices.

According to Michelin, the new icon is in line with the Michelin Group's commitment towards sustainability. They have been focused on good environmental practices, and in the past year have awarded chefs globally with sustainability awards.

With the majority of people becoming more conscious about sustainability and sustainable practices, it is promising to see those doing their bit in the industry being recognised for their efforts.

Would you actively look for restaurants with the Green Clover award?

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