Mini Eggs chocolate bar: The grand review

Allow the glory of effortlessly delicious chocolate to fill your stomach and dominate your life.

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Much excitement was generated in the closing stages of last year by the stunning announcement of a Cadbury Mini Eggs chocolate bar.

It was always a life ambition of mine to transform the traditional bags of eggs into a far less wobbly version, so – despite not having brains big enough to complete the arduous journey myself – I am thrilled that such an important possibility has become reality.

Anyone who claims that Mini Eggs taste the same as any other Cadbury chocolate are categorically incorrect; if Albert Einstein had made such an outrageous statement all of his ground-breaking discoveries would have been destroyed, his reputation irreparably decimated.

The chocolate of Mini Eggs is unquestionably different from ordinary Dairy Milk, being far sweeter and softer. If David Attenborough was a chocolate he’d be a Mini Egg. Each colour, too, has a perceptibly distinct flavour, although I’ve no idea what they all are. They certainly taste better than normal egg shells, that’s for sure.

The Mini Eggs chocolate bar is a superior combination of all that is brilliant about regular Mini Eggs without the irritation of fingers being stained with a vibrant array of colours. The full-sized, Dairy Milk-style bar is packed full of beautiful pearls of miniature Mini Eggs (that presumably start to grow into massive versions if allowed to get too warm) that crunch with overwhelming displays of joy and mix wonderfully with the illustriously creamy milk chocolate to form a masterfully elegant and cheerful product (all for a £1 bargain, too).

So, for those people angrily demanding to know why supermarket shelves are awash with Easter chocolates in January the reason is clear: they make people happy.

(I am aiming to write at least one food review a week throughout 2021 in support of The Trussell Trust, a UK charity that fights food poverty by supporting community food banks and campaigning for national change:

Have you started stocking up on Easter chocolate yet?

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