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Missing Friends? You can now eat like Joey Tribbiani with Iceland's latest pizza

Yes, the Joey Special is now a real thing you can buy in a store!

4w ago

Do you miss Friends? It seems like many of us do. Big fans of the hit US sitcom will no doubt remember 'the Joey Special' where Joey Tribbiani (played by former Top Gear presenter Matt LeBlanc) would eat two pizzas stacked on top of one another. Clearly the nostalgia for the Joey Special is real, because Iceland has made a double-decker pizza that you can buy in its stores!

Currently, there are two different types of double-decker pizza available; the Double Decker Pepperoni Pizza, and the Double Decker BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza. The Double Decker Pepperoni Pizza has generous amounts of tomato and chilli sauce between the two pizza bases with the top having lots of mozzarella and mini slices of pepperoni, whilst the Double Decker BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza has a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce between the two bases and cheddar, red cheese, chicken breast and bacon pieces on the top. Both pizzas cost £3 each and each come in a Friends-inspired cardboard box, featuring a 'Joey Approved' logo on the inside of the lid.

At the moment there aren't any vegetarian or vegan options (obviously), but that's something I'm sure will come with time if these nostalgia-fuelled double-decker pizzas become popular enough. It is pretty appropriate though for the two introductory options to be pretty meaty, considering the character they've been created in tribute to! Now I guess the only thing that's left to do is chow down on some double-decker pizza, Joey Tribbiani style!

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