Mocha Maltesers hit UK shores... but they'll cost you

Coffee Maltesers are now available in the UK, but they ain't cheap

1y ago

Coffee and chocolate is one of those combinations that never gets old. What's better than a few chunks of Cadbury's alongside a nice filter, or a rich brownie alongside a flat white? Well now, Maltesers have made their very own version of this legendary duo, and it's being made available in the UK by a rather enterprising imports company.

Coffee Maltesers have, as far as I can tell, been available for some time in Australia (Australia gets all the good stuff). But thanks to GBGifts, these can now be had in the UK for a premium exported price of £5.99 + shipping.

I don't know about you, but I think that might be the priciest 140g of chocolate I've ever heard of.

But it seems there's plenty of devoted Maltesers fans out there who are willing to fork out for this coffee infused classic. The top comment on GBGifts' instagram is some who declares: 'Ordered !! And buzzing for them.' And it's not just this one person; GBGifts have sold out of their initial stock, proving that people are hungry for overpriced Maltesers.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll happily settle for standard Maltesers and a cup of coffee.

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  • Oh you mean Whoppers....

      1 year ago