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Monkey steals and drinks booze right in front of shop's owner

Pesky, aren't they? And spiteful

9w ago

Pet organizations unanimously agree that keeping monkeys as pets is a bad idea. They're pesky, needy and a bit mischievous. I'd love to own one. I'd name it Bruce. Or Majmun, which is Serbian for 'monkey'. Or Ben Welham, which is Yorkshire jargon for 'annoying'. I'd love to own one but I can't. And it'd be probably be a bad idea as monkey clearly love stealing things. And I don't want it to steal my beer.

The monkey you see in the picture and video has made headlines in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh in India after stealing some booze from an off-license and the best part? The monkey actually drank the booze right in front of the owner.

The thing is, monkeys are very intelligent, so it didn't take long for the wannabe alcoholic monkey to peel the cap off and drink the content of the bottle. At some point, the store owner tried to reclaim the bottle but the Simian wouldn't have it, and just carried on drinking. Cheers.

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Comments (5)

  • That Monkey knows what it wants 🙈

      2 months ago
  • Just when you think you've seen everything

      2 months ago
  • That is hilarious 🤣

      2 months ago
  • Does that mean it won’t be coming on then

      2 months ago