Monster Energy wants to make its own beer

This is going to be interesting

3d ago

Monster Beverage Co., the company that owns Monster Energy and Burn Energy (among others), has decided to jump on the craft beer bandwagon and that's why it recentky purchased a bunch of craft beer brands: Cigar City, Deep Ellum, Squatters, Wasatch, Oskar Blues and Perrin Brewing.

Monster's COO Hilton Schlosberg said “the acquisition will provide us with a fully in-place infrastructure, including people, distribution and licenses, along with alcoholic beverage development expertise and manufacturing capabilities in this industry."

This is interesting, I suppose if you're called Monster and you count your yearly revenue with 8 or 9 zeros, expanding your business beyond energy drinks is a natural step. And it makes sense to do it by delegating the job to breweries that know what they're doing. Would you drink a Monster beer?

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