- A​ Bag of Godis

M​ore Godis: So I bought Candy at the Furniture Store

I​ also got some Booze, but that is another Story.

J​ust yesterday, I got to go on a long Trip for unrelated Reasons. It was awesome, and dare I say even productive to some degree.

O​n my Way back Home from where I had been, the Area around a Place called Zarrentin, I also came past Hamburg. And since a recent Poll of mine here on FoodTribe told me to stop by Ikea to get some Godis, I did just that.

I​n the Furniture Store.

I​n the Furniture Store.

T​his Time around, Things were different. I had to check in using an App because of Covid. Originally, I had planned to maybe have some Köttbullar for Dinner right there, but it was way to early for that.

S​o I headed straight to the Swedish Goddies Section. And they had pretty much everything. I could not buy it all though. In the End, I went with some Bilar, Lördagsgodis, Blueberry Drink Mix and a few Cans of Cider. More on the Drinks later.

I​ also did not buy a lot, as the Candy at Ikea is expensive. Bilar are almost 2€ per Bag, and the Godis are still 89¢. I still spent around 20€ there, but I just could not justify any more.

T​here were a few Things that I did not even consider buying though. Like Jam. And Cinnamon Buns. I can get the exact same Brand at my local Supermarket, and they are cheeper there.

S​ince I felt a little pressured by that Check-in App, I dis not spend very much Time at Ikea yesterday though, what might have helped me spend a lot less Money!

T​he only new Candy I bought was one that tastes like Pear, Apple and Gooseberries though. And the Gooseberries are definitely my favourite! I also grabbed some sour Candy by mistake, but that is also awesome.

I​ did take all my Candy, except for the Bilar, out of those plastic Baggies and put hem in good old Jars though. So that I have more Control about me eating them. So far, it is working. (The Bilar are too voluminous for that.)

T​he other Godis were pretty much the same, so I am just going to link my previous Article here.

B​ecause that Ikea I visited was located in Moorfleet, a Neighbourhood in Hamburg, I also decided to drive into my favourite German City and spend some Time there. I just had not really been in a long Time.

B​efore yesterday, I had always taken the Train there, or I got driven. And that was definitely very good so. For country folk like me, driven in the big Metropolis can be a Nightmare. There are just too many Lanes to choose. I kinda felt like Kaleb when he had to deliver Wasabi to London.

P​asking was just as Expensive, too. I payed almost 5€ for just about 1.5 hours. That is completely insane to me. Here at Home I can get almost 6 hours for that Money! Because of that, I also did not eat anything in Hamburg, but had Dinner at the Autobahn on my way Home.

I​ also spent all of those 1.5 hours in the Speicherstadt, because it would have been nonsense to go anywhere else in the Pearl of the North.

(​Yes, it is a freezer Bag, I already have an Ikea Duffel. I also really needed a new freezer Bag.)

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Comments (9)

  • I keep my candy in a Mason jar as well. 😀

      30 days ago
  • The candies sound delicious!

      1 month ago
    • They are! And they are in Jars now, so that I don't eat them all at once. That somehow gives me more Control over myself.

        1 month ago
  • Ikea is dangerous you go in for nothing much and come out with stuff you had never heard of.. I love the picture of the padlocks really cool??

      29 days ago