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More mobile kitchen gadgets. Tiny House on wheels converted into a proper properly kitted out commercial bakery.

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  • Thats just great! I love it!

      15 days ago
    • Me too ; it’s very sensible, practical and civilised;

      A mobile commercial bakery which can also provide reasonably priced accommodation for homeless people is a pretty neat idea .

        15 days ago
    • I love watching videos about mini houses as well

        15 days ago
  • Interior of tiny house / commercial donut kitchen :

      15 days ago
    • 15 days ago
  • The next trick would have to be the use of Ultra lite aerospace grade materials for the frames and external cladding ;

    I’m thinking an aluminium ( Aussie factory pictured ) or titanium frame and possibly even corrugated titanium sheeting .

    I know it’s possible to buy corrugated stainless steel sheeting , but titanium I’m not sure about . I’ll do some digging around .

    Polished corrugated external cladding will cause random wave interference patterns to be produced in the reflected activity of the incoming solar radiation , which should , up to a point, protect the molecular integrity of the kitchen gadgets, and the bakers too.

    Which was the object of the exercise .

      15 days ago