- The Everything Grinder, Red Pepper, Grand Forks, ND. Honestly, I've never eaten this. But I certainly would.

More Monstrous Sammies I've Eaten (yes, in America)

There are no mysteries why "big and tall" and "extended size" fashion are actually vital segments of the American clothing market

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Italian Roast Pork Supremo, New Castle, DE

We've covered huge beef sandwiches in french rolls, as well as huge flatters of pounded pork deep fried with a crispy breading. Without knowing too much about how the thinly sliced pork is prepared, what results is a juicy, highly spiced meat resting in a bed of broccolini. The greens give this otherwise unbearably rich sandwich a bitter counterpoint that allows someone to eat more than three bites. Because you'll want to.

Brisket 'Burger', Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, Atlanta

Thing is, the lede is totally buried in this specific picture. Y'all see the cup of mac-and-cheese. The thick slices of peppered bacon. The ooze of the pimento cheese. But the star of this show is actually the finely chopped beef brisket that is the main 'body' of this specific feast-on-a-platter. They give you a lot of brisket is what I'm saying.

Fine. I think the pimento cheese is the best part of it. Yes, I'm 12.

Chap's Pit Beef, Baltimore, MD

I think someone commented about Baltimore Pit Beef when I wrote the Big Beefs of America article. Pit Beef isn't something that I've ever noticed outside of the city limits. It's a cousin of Buffalo Beef on Weck, except that it's charcoal grilled, heavily flavored with paprika, and served on a bun that isn't Weck. So it's more fun to be around, as well as to eat. 8/10 would eat again.

The Great Wisconsin, Fromagination, Madison, WI

Wisconsin is best known for cheese. The same segment of people that make cheese also tend to cure meats into salamis and summer sausages. Slice up a whole bunch of both, and use your Fromagination (fromage + imagination) to stack them three layers high, then take a bunch of my money and slip this under my nose. I didn't finish it all. At the table, at least. It didn't make it all the way home.

Reuben, Zingerman's, Ann Arbor, MI

I could write a whole article about Reuben sandwiches (and if I can manage to continue to get along with some of our other team members, perhaps I will ). I just want to simply thank the various Jewish and/or Lithuanian grocers and deli owners named Reuben that claimed to be the first to pile corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand-island dressing and swiss cheese (which I didn't think was Kosher?) inside some rye bread and grill it all until it oozed down the sleeves of their oppressors. Thank you, men.

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  • Damn!!! I want them all!

      1 year ago
  • The Chap’s Pit Beef looks amazing.

      1 year ago
  • Oh. My. God. Yum. Also, I LOVE Reubens... best sandwich ever.

      1 year ago
  • ICYMI elsewhere: The Rocket Pig, Joe's KC BBQ, Kansas City

      1 year ago
  • P.J. O"Rourke was interviewed at home a few years ago.

    The writer of the short story described lunch that P.J. served as being as being comprised of sandwiches, carrot sticks and cheese.

    I thought that sounded sort of close to a typical Aussie outback sporting club light sandwich lunch.

    Small triangles and carrot sticks are easy to manage .

      1 year ago