More than 3,000 extra restaurants sign up to Deliveroo

With the forced closure of restaurants and cafes, they are seeing Deliveroo as the way to go

1y ago

There was a short period where many of us will have been 'working from home' and thinking it would be very nice to pop out for a spot of dinner at your favourite local eatery. That time has passed, as the government have forced all bars, restaurants, and cafes to close.

The opportunity to dine out with your usual order may be gone, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out entirely!

Many restaurants, in an attempt to maintain some sort of business, have converted to take-away and delivery services. Deliveroo says they have seen over 3,000 restaurants sign up to the platform in the last month.

Keen to ensure we get the good food we deserve in this tough time, but also to make sure our local eateries don't go under, the company are offering free advice to all joining the platform on how best to utilise the service and make the transition as smooth as possible. As well as best practices to keep everyone operating above board.

The guidance includes a substantial section on how to minimise contact with both the product and the consumer, as well as how best to avoid cross contamination and train delivery staff.

Among those joining the platform will be your local hotspots and bigger chains, but there are some surprises in there too, such as the majority of Gordon Ramsay's London restaurants and Michelin starred Chinese restaurant, Hakkasan.

Maybe now is the time to enjoy some of the finer foods you wouldn't normally consider, then. But don't forget to support local business too.

Which restaurants are you getting take-out from?

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  • This model is so many restaurants' only hope - I might even say we have a social responsibility to order takeaways.

      1 year ago