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More than just a side dish

1w ago
- A bit extra gooey

Cheesy broccoli rice is more than just a side dish to me. This holds fond childhood holiday memories. Every year for Thanksgiving my aunt Sue would make this dish. Well I should say she used to make something similar. There was one year she did not make it and I asked about it and right away she went about making a batch. I remember her using cheez whiz, minute rice and frozen broccoli. Into the microwave it went and a few minutes later I was a happy child. I have changed it some but not to a drastic gourmet version(not yet). I make mine with leftover Jasmine rice, cream of mushroom, Velveeta or American cheese and frozen broccoli. It still usually just goes to the microwave and I still greatly enjoy it. This was actually what I had for dinner the other night and it was what I needed. I hope you all enjoyed this little trip into my childhood memories.

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