Morgan Motor Company releases gin made with surplus ash wood

The car company has teamed up with nearby aptly-named Piston Distillery

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You know I love any opportunity for a DriveTribe/FoodTribe crossover event, and somehow, scandalously, I managed to miss this news from December.

Morgan Motor Company has partnered up with Piston Distillery, to create what is thought to be the world’s first ash wood-infused gin.

Morgan has long used ash wood to make its cars, but the company has now found a rather innovative (and tasty) way to use up surplus material from its manufacturing process.

The Morgan X Piston gin is infused with delicate shavings of the wood used to form the body-supporting frame of its cars. The frame sits on the CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform (or the venerable steel chassis in the past) on every four-wheeled Morgan.

Ash is used as it’s pliable, lightweight and sustainable, and has been used by Morgan since 1909!

The gin features 14 botanicals and apparently has notes of crisp sweet apple and delicate wood from the ash shavings. The suggested signature pour is gin, ginger ale as the mixer, garnished with fresh blackberries and plenty of ice.

Morgan teamed up with Piston Distillery, which was founded in 2018, and is just nine miles from Morgan’s factory in Malvern.

Toby Blythe, head of marketing at Morgan Motor Company, said, “Ash wood forms one of Morgan’s three core materials, alongside aluminium and leather, and as such is intrinsic to our coachbuilding identity. When we worked with the expert distillers at Piston Gin – who are based just down the road from us, in Worcester – we were curious to find out how this material could be infused with their acclaimed gins. The result, we believe, speaks for itself.”

You can get your hands on a bottle for £45, or £55 if you want a fancy gift box.

And I’m sure I don’t have to remind you, but gin and Morgans should always be consumed separately!

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  • UK shipping only 😭😭😭 whyyyyy 😭😭😭 we still nod to the monarchy, they should include their commonwealth nations hehe

      8 days ago
  • this is awesome

      8 days ago
  • When they chose Gin...they must have had a very special customer in mind... 🙂😉😂 Love the story, can't wait to try it. If you ordered a bottle and lived say within a few miles from them, it would be a nice touch if your bottle was actually delivered in a Morgan... 🤔😍

      8 days ago
  • Another bottle I have to track down to try. This one definitely sparks my interest 😋

      8 days ago
  • My local distillery...will have to get this a try!!

      8 days ago