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Morrisons and Deliveroo team up

The two businesses are investing in the idea that many hands make light work.

1y ago

Once upon a time, in a place called Fairyland, ordering your shopping online was as simple as devouring three tonnes of chocolate; and for some, it may even have been a luxury.

Currently, online food ordering has become an arduous experience, filling everyone with dread at the thought of having to pause in a year-long virtual queue just to buy a loaf of bread; even buying chocolate eggs for the Easter weekend was a predicament. The problem has been another side effect of - you guessed it - Covid-19, which has forced people indoors in order to protect the public as best as possible from the coronavirus.

In an attempt to relieve pressure on its stretched delivery service - and improve the experience of its customers - major supermarket firm Morrisons has combined forces with expert delivery company Deliveroo to ensure that goods can be delivered in copious amounts and a timely fashion to millions of shoppers.

Being transported in the traditional Deliveroo style of riders using bicycles, supplies of Morrisons stocks are intended to arrive on the purchaser's doorstep within thirty minutes of the online order being finalised.

Seventy of Morrisons' most vital items will be available to buy through the scheme, which also operates directly from the Deliveroo app, meaning that convenience has been placed at the heart of the new operation. It should assist the most vulnerable in society and those who have been isolated away from the outside world during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The cost of orders will be £4.99 and 130 of Morrisons stores across the UK are participating in the launch. It is anticipated that 6.8 million homes (roughly one quarter of all UK households) will be eligible for the service.

Clearly, Morrisons has judged that providing the public with confidence and support is far more valuable than worrying about the effects of partnering with a rival firm. Ultimately, customers of both companies will surely benefit.

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